Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Canada Goose: Goslings

On the same day as I spotted the Canada goose nest, I rowed further along the shoreline by the group cottages (Segment 10). Since I had checked for other boats at the beginning of the segment and this is an uncomplicated shoreline, I started to row along it without looking around. I’m not sure what caught my attention. I think a gander started to honk an alarm and I looked to my left and was rewarded by the site of a goose and gander with goslings right at the water’s edge.

The chance of getting photos was pretty low but it was worth a shot. I stopped and pulled out my camera. I managed to get these shots. The goose and gander were at the water’s edge with seven goslings.

Understandably they moved up the slope with the goslings scurrying along with them. It is interesting that this pair has goslings already. The other breeding pairs are just beginning to sit nests. This pair is about a month ahead of the other pairs.

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