Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve: Bradley Mountain Trail (Part 2)

We walked the Bradley Mountain Trail at the Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve. The first section of the walk was over an almost level trail to the base of Bradley Mountain. The trail went almost straight up the mountain. We planned to contour around the rock but were enticed to go upwards to the summit when we saw dish gardens on the side of the mountain.

A dish garden with Elf Opine (Diamorpha smallii)

Looking back down the mountain towards the woods. A series of pools with water; filled during the previous week when we had more than 5 inches of rain.

A lichen at the edge of one of the dish gardens.

This was the only dish garden on the south side of the mountain that had an Andropogon sp. (Broomsedge). Several gardens on the west slope also had Broomsedge. A few Oneflower stitchwort (Minuartia uniflora) plants were also present near the center.

One of the dish gardens on the top of the mountain. In addition to grasses, this one had some Hairy Groundsel (Packera tomentosa) in the center and some Oldfield Toadflax (Nuttallanthus canadensis) are growing in the right foreground.

I was surprised to find a large pool on the mountain top. This pool was where I spotted what I believe are…

Poolsprite (Amphianthus pusillus). These were past their best. I suspect they had bloomed earlier. Better luck next year.

Some shrubs on the summit.

Krigia virginica (Dwarf Dandelion) plants were just beginning to bloom. These plants have found a niche in a crack in the rock that has accumulated a little soil.

A Georgia Department of Transportation survey marker on the summit of Bradley Mountain.

Next, the route down the mountain.
(To be continued…)

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