Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cutleaf Groundcherry (Physalis angulata)

When I saw this groundcherry plant, I thought I was going to be able to complete a set of photographs of Physalis virginiana (Virginia groundcherry) that I had started taking at Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center in Jasper County, Georgia. When I looked more closely at the plant, however, I found that this was Physalis angulata (Smooth Ground-cherry, Cutleaf Groundcherry, Wild Tomato, Camapu and Winter Cherry).

I found this plant in a bear clearing by the road

A closer view of the leaves showing the cut-leaf margin

A bud just starting to open

The sepals

An open bloom

The fruit is contained in a calyx that resembles a green Chinese lantern. This fruit is edible.

Physalis angulata is native to the United States. It’s found in states roughly south of a line from Virginia to California. In Georgia, it’s found in counties throughout the state.

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