Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oconee WMA: An Abandoned Bridge, Fungi, And Herons

November 25th, 2011. We checked out a small section of the Oconee WMA bordering the Apalachee River just north of where it drains into Lake Oconee. Trimble Bridge Road once crossed the Apalachee River here but the narrow bridge has been abandoned for some time. We parked at the east end of the bridge and walked down onto the flood plain.

The ruins of the Trimble Bridge Road bridge over the Apalachee River. Only some concrete supports and the frame remain. The decking is gone.

Looking north along the flood plain.

We couldn’t reach the Apalachee River itself. There are a series of channels between the road and the river. This is one of them. Fishermen cross these fallen tree trunks to reach the main river channel.

A closer view of the crossing. The trunks are lashed together.

Old Man’s Beard lichen (Usnea strigosa). We didn’t find too much of this lichen in this area but this was a nice specimen

Small mushrooms covered the bark that had separated from a log.

A closer view from above, and…

from below.

We drove south to Reid Duvall Road and then out to US-278 and turned west to cross the Apalachee River

Looking north towards the Apalachee River from the US-278 bridge in the late afternoon.

A closer look revealed a couple of Great Blue Heron’s (Ardea herodias) fishing.

A closer view.

It’s going to be interesting to explore this area by water next year.

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