Friday, July 20, 2012

Wilson Shoals WMA: Painted(?) Buckeye Fruiting

July 7th, 2012. We wandered north and found ourselves at the Wilson Shoals Wildlife Management Area in Banks County.  We entered the WMA from the Yonah-Homer Road (GA-51) and drove north on Grant Mill Road.

My find of the day, plant-wise, was a couple of buckeye bushes fruiting. I’ve seen a lot of bushes in bloom but none fruiting. Based on the fruit, I believe these are Aesculus sylvatica (Painted Buckeye). Time will tell – if we can return during their blooming season next year.


Photos of the fruit from different angles.

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Click on an image to view a larger image

Identification resources:
Duke University, Will Cook: Asculus sylvatica (Painted Buckeye) 

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