Sunday, May 31, 2009

Canada Geese: Family Outing

A few weeks ago, I witnessed Canada Geese apparently providing an organized escort for two families of geese safely across a section of the lake at Fort Yargo State Park. I was guessing that the two unattached geese were functioning as look-outs/escorts to provide safe passage for the families but wasn’t totally sure.

This morning, I stopped by the park office before going around to one of the picnic areas to photograph a wildflower. As I drove down to the bay where I had seen the families earlier (Segment 11), I saw a single goose swimming purposefully across the bay toward the bridge I was approaching. At first it appeared to be alone.

However, following a little distance behind was a family of four – two adults and two young goslings. I tried for a family photo but, as with a lot of family photos, one or other of the members failed to cooperate.

This family swam under the bridge and up into the upper section beyond the bridge. The lead unattached goose swam ahead. The family of four followed.

And then… Another family of six, two adults and four goslings escorted by a second unattached goose. These goslings were older – bigger and with adult feather coloring in the tail.

The families swam on up into the swampy area.
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