Saturday, May 9, 2009

It was the Strangest Thing …

J and I were putting my boat on the car. It was dusk, about 8:00 pm. We weren’t making a lot of noise. The boat was on and we were strapping it down.

First thing we noticed was a rabbit – like this one - bipping its way up the drive. It stopped about 10 feet from us and acted like it was going to nibble grass. It didn’t startle but changed its mind about eating and bipped on further along the drive at a steady pace.

We watched with some interest because two of our cats, Minker and Gandalf, were sitting on the drive where we park the cars. The rabbit bipped right up to within about 6 to 10 feet of them, stopped and sat for several minutes. Minker and Gandalf just looked at it, probably in a state of shock at the impertinence of this creature. Gandalf is an expert hunter of rabbits, rodents and birds but he didn’t make a move. If anything, it was Minker who went into stalker mode. It looked like Minker might stalk it but she decided against it and just watched.

The rabbit took off again at a leisurely pace. It bipped in an arc back out into the field and back to the drive below where we were standing, off down the drive and into the woods.

It was the strangest thing …

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