Friday, August 20, 2010

Fleabane (Erigeron sp.)?

I’m not sure what this is. It grew at home last year but hasn’t appeared this year. The flowers look like a fleabane but the leaves are unlike most fleabanes. I’d appreciate any help to identify it.

A young plant.

Leaves and stem of the young plant.

Flower buds just starting to develop.

Flower buds just a little further along; petals are white at this poin.

And further still. The buds have a pink tinge.

A close up of the opening bud.

The flower is open; still a slight pink tinge.

The plant tip and flower in profile.

Mature plants.

Mature plants showing density of blooming
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Sally said...

I think you're right that it's an Erigeron, at least it looks like ours-- but I have no idea what species you have down there!

Nice photos-- good luck figuring it out!

JSK said...

Thanks Sally. My other choice was an Aster but I always think of those as Fall flowers. I would like to figure out the species.