Friday, November 12, 2010

The Long Row: 2010

Yesterday was the fifth year I’ve challenged myself to row from the boat launch at the Redlands Wildlife Management area to Old Salem State Park. The official stats this year were: Distance, 17,100m; Moving time, 2h 56m. This year, the trip was an overdose of great temperatures – it was sunny and in the low 70s - Fall color and smooth water. The color was outstanding. The wind was light and the water was glassy smooth for most of the row.

Just leaving the dock. These trees were brilliant.

The escort pontoon boat launching.

A few bushes of Common Sneezeweed (Helenium autumnale) along the shore between the boat launch and the railway bridge that crosses the lake about a mile south of the boat launch. It’s interesting that this is the only place I’ve seen Helenium autumnale; Helenium amarum (Bitterweed or Bitter sneezeweed) is the most common Helenium sp. in this area.

Color along the shore on the south end of Parks Ferry Recreation Area which is just south of I-20.

My favorite house a little north of the golf course. The owners of this house have left the grounds wild with a mowed path giving access from the house to the shore.

Leaving Old Salem State Park on the trip back. The ‘feature’ in the center of the photo is an island; I finished my row along the shore just to the right.

The mansion just to the north of the Hwy 44 bridge. This mansion has an hypnotic effect on us. My escorts detoured to look at it while I rowed towards the bridge. But they had to take me by so that I could see it up close on the way back.

A small inlet along the lake. Lots of color and glassy smooth water – a rower’s dream!

The Landing golf course, approaching from the south.

Another colorful view of the shoreline.

Peaceful inlet. Some areas of the shoreline are almost at the lake level.

The color was almost continuous along the shoreline

Some areas of the shoreline are steep. It takes many steps to get from the house to the shore, and back.

Double-crested Cormorants (Phalacrocorax auritus) flocked to some snags in the water on the west side of the lake. There were many Great Blue Herons, cormorants, and just a few gulls. No sign of the scoters or the Western Grebe that we saw last year.

A closer view of the cormorants.

More colorful foliage.

Coming into the boat launch.

The dock by the boat launch. Back on dry land, and still able to walk. Lake Oconee conquered again.

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