Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fort Yargo State Park: Deja Vu

It’s déjà vu. The lake level is being lowered again for some bridge construction. Last year, the lake level was lowered some eight feet for some construction near the Nature Center. This year construction will stabilize the pedestrian bridge by the boat launch at Section B. As much as I’m going to miss rowing here for a while, I am going to enjoy walking the beach again. Just like last Fall-Winter. I only had time for a short walk last Friday so I set out from the boat launch (segment 17) to walk to the Picnic Area #1 (segment 14) and back again – staying along the shore out and back.

Certainly no launching from here now. The website said the lake level would be lowered by six feet. I wasn’t really sure how low the level would be here; an outside chance that this boat launch might still be usable. No such luck.

This is the bridge that will be worked on. The lake level still has a couple of feet to drop before any construction can take place but it’s nearly there.

Turning to walk to the Picnic Areas. The University of Georgia’s boat dock is high and dry again.

The island. I love this island. I always row around this side of it; the water around this island is only about 18 inches deep when the lake is full. A pair of Canada Geese usually nest here. I didn’t get a good photo of it (segment 16) last year when the lake level was low. Didn’t try to talk out to it last year but will have to do that this time.

At Picnic Area #2 (segment 15). Looking towards Picnic Area #1 and the beach.

A closer view of the boat docks and beach.

Arriving at Picnic Area #1 (segment 14). The cyclists go off to the left; I go straight ahead.

A mushroom among the pine trees.

A closer view of the pedal boat docks. They seem lonely now that the boats are gone.

A tiny sand mesa just off the beach. It’s fascinating how this feature has survived.

Some beach art; a tire and a couple of tree stumps.

Heading back along the trail; the bridge is in sight.
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