Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gwinnett County-Harbins Park: Hiking Trail. Part 1, Trailhead To Footbridge #1

I decided to walk the Hiking Trail since I’d inadvertently taken the equestrian trail on my first visit. The first section is from the trail head to the first footbridge.

The trail.

It was sunny when I set out on the trail. The sunshine added to the contrast in browns and greens in this section of pine forest.

I saw a few of these small mushrooms. They blended in well among the leaves on an embankment. I almost missed them.

The ‘infamous’ intersection of the equestrian trail with the hiking trail. On the previous walk, I turned right onto the equestrian trail instead of walking straight ahead.

The variety of textures of the tree trunks is continuously fascinating. Each view has its own character.

In contrast to the beginning of the trail that was carpeted with pine needles, most of the trail was thickly carpeted with oak leaves.

A few trees haven't dropped their leaves. This is probably an American Beech (Fagus grandifolia). These are one of the few trees that doesn't drop its leaves and provide a nice contrast to the leafless trees.

Another lichen; probably a Cladonia sp. that is in the process of fruiting.

A patch of moss that is starting to fruit. Unlike the moss I saw on the equestrian trail, this patch wasn’t damaged by the recent snowfall.

A nice specimen of Turkey Tail fungus (Trametes versicolor).

Probably another American Beech.

On the long approach along the contour of the ridge before turning and dropping down to the first footbridge. This one of the few places where you can see long sections of the trail ahead.

Arriving at the first footbridge.

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- Gwinnett County Government: Harbins Park

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