Friday, August 12, 2011

Indian Heliotrope (Heliotropium indicum)

After our adventures with dragonflies and, especially the Two-striped Forceptail at Whitetail Lake at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center in the Clybel WMA, we went over to...

Otter Lake

It’s just a short walk along this trail to the lake. It looks cool but it was 94F in the shade.

The lake is in the open and, even from a distance, it was clear that the water level was very low.

Vegetation was growing down the slope around the lake, indicating that the water level has been low for some time. At the bottom, judging by the lack of vegetation, it looked like the water level had fallen another foot or so.

W spotted this Indian Heliotrope plant near the bottom of the vegetation on the dam wall.. An individual plant.We didn’t find any others.

A closer view of the plant

The flower head

A close view of the individual flowers

Heliotropium indicum
is known by the common names Indian heliotrope, Indian turnsole, and Erysipela plant. It is found in states in the east and southeastern United States. In Georgia, it has been documented in counties throughout the state.

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United States Department of Agriculture Plants Database: Heliotropium indicum (Indian Heliotrope)

Identification resources:

- Southeastern Flora: Heliotropium indicum (Indian Heliotrope)

- Missouri Plants: Heliotropium indicum (Indian Heliotrope)

- Wikipedia: Heliotropium indicum

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