Monday, December 24, 2007

I’ve been wanting to blog about since I stumbled on the site about a week ago. I found out about in a round-about way. I have Twitter Public Timeline feed to my Google Reader and follow through on interesting posts. This was how I found in Yang-May Ooi’s blog ‘Fusion View.’ Trouble is - I went to the site, got hooked immediately, and have been too busy playing to blog about it.

I love a challenge and the opportunity to make the challenge pay off by donating rice - 20 grains for each word definition guessed correctly – is a wonderful opportunity to make a small difference. The rice is paid for by businesses that advertise on the site and is distributed worldwide through the United Nations World Food Program.

The site is wonderfully user-friendly. No sign-in. Just start to play. You can set a preference to have the site remember your level as well as your all-time best score. Or you can start from scratch each time.

I keep a tab for open in my browser and play while I’m waiting for other pages to load. Sometimes I just play and forget about the other pages. So far, in just a week, I’ve ‘donated’ 92,000 grains of rice.

WARNING: is addictive. But what an wonderful addiction…