Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Eastern Comma (Polygonia comma)

In late spring, we had a few cool days – at least is was quite cool in the open woods behind the house. The trees hadn’t leafed in thickly and there were patches of sunlight on the path down to the creek.

This Eastern Comma (summer form) had selected one of these sunny patches to alight and warm itself. Its wings were closed most of the time but occasionally it would flick them quickly open and closed again. When I disturbed it by moving too close, it would fly off, circle around and land again in the same patch of sunlight. If it hadn’t been for the cold days and the sunny patches on the path, I probably would never have seen this butterfly.

Identification resources:
- West Central Georgia Butterflies by Michael Beohm: Eastern Comma (Polygonia comma)
- BugGuide: Eastern Comma (Polygonia comma)
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