Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Zen: Beach Ball Escapee…

Every now and again, swimmers at the beach in Fort Yargo State Park lose inflatable beach balls. The wind blows them across the lake. I often recover them when I’m rowing, stow them on the stern deck, and drop them off at the beach on my way back to where I launch. I rescued this ball last Sunday morning. I’d seen it on Saturday morning but conditions were too windy to pick it up. I’ve picked up balls in windy weather before and had them blow off the deck repeatedly; sometimes I’ve had to ‘rescue’ them several times before I can get them back to the beach. So I decided to leave it where it was and pick it up on Sunday morning if it was still there. It had blown into the cattails a little but I was able to retrieve it. A little girl picnicing with her family was delighted to have an unexpected ball to play with.
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