Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Great Blue Heron: It’s That Time Of Year

Fall seems to have arrived. It's been sunny today but the temperature only made it into the mid70s. It was breezy again on the lake this morning when I started out. I’m realizing that I’ve been missing this breezy phase because, during the summer, I’ve been starting out so much later relative to sunrise than I am now. The breeze was from the east so I'm protected from it through Segment 2 and Segments 6 through 9. Then it’s breezy again for the remainder of my row.

Fort Yargo State Park: Nature Center Pavillion

Some sections of the lake are mirror smooth.

Great Blue Heron

The high point of this morning’s row was this Great Blue Heron that was standing on the trunk of a fallen tree at the lake shore by the campground (Segment 7b). It didn’t look too happy but it was standing in the shade even if sheltered from the breeze. I think it flew off down that lake a little later, probably to find a sunny spot to warm itself.

I’m going to see more of the Great Blue Herons and the Green-backed Herons now that Fall has arrived. They’ll be out early to sun themselves.

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