Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wet Day At The Lake

We’ve had six inches of rain now; three inches on Wednesday and one each on Thursday, Friday and today. Now up to 36.4 inches for the year. Mostly it has fallen as light rain but we’ve had some heavy showers. The ground is pretty wet now. The mornings are still in the 60s and the humidity is high. Both the air and the water pleasantly warm. So it’s enjoyable to row even if it’s gray and wet.

It was foggy when I started out. Another boat, a fishing boat, went out just after me but they stayed close to the north shore and must have left when it started to rain heavily. There was only one other boat out today so I had the lake to myself. Quite a change from sunny days when the lake can be like an obstacle course with boaters.

The lake level has risen several inches this week. This photo was taken from the dam (Segment 5) looking back towards the beach (Segment 14). The overflow is in the foreground.

This photo was taken at the beginning of Segment 8 looking towards the Nature Center (Segment 10) which is not visible in this photo.

It started to rain quite heavily as I was leaving Segment 11 and didn’t ease off until I was in the final run to the boat launch. This photo was taken at the beginning of Segment 12 looking towards the dam. The point is the junction between Segments 12 and 13.

Even in inclement weather, it is pretty on the lake.

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