Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dragonfly: Fawn Darner (Boyeria vinosa)

I thought I’d seen the last of the dragonflies this year when I saw the Common Green Darner recently. But today I saw another dragonfly; another first for my list.

I was walking along the path beside the creek. The temperature was around 70F but it was sunny and humid. Something was flying along the path ahead of me at head-height. At first I thought it might be a damselfly. I managed to keep track of it when it settled on a dead leaf hanging from a Chinese privet branch about 8-9 feet above the ground.

Fawn Darner (Boyeria vinosa) – Male (Dorsal)

Fawn Darner (Boyeria vinosa) – Male (Ventral)

It allowed me to get several photographs. It looks like a male.

I wonder if this is the last dragonfly for the season…

Identification resources:

- Bug Guide: Fawn Darner (Boyeria vinosa) [Male] [Female]

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