Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fort Yargo State Park: Fall Color

Pines are the dominant tree in the park. As a result fall color is, for the most part, the contrast of deciduous trees against a green background. At the moment, the west end of Picnic Area #2 is one of the most colorful areas in the park.

This photo was taken from the beginning of Segment 2 looking toward the island (Segment 16). The following photos were taken from left to right.

These trees were on the shore of the lake at the far left-hand side of the first photograph.

This tree is on the west side of the island.

These trees are on the shoreline behind the island. This photo was taken from in front of the Picnic Area (Segment 15) looking behind the island.

This tree is on the shore at the west end of the picnic area.

Although the view from the water is unique, it is possible to view all of these trees from the trail that runs from the Boat Launch to Picnic Area #2.

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