Saturday, September 25, 2010

First Fall Row

Although yesterday was the second full day of fall, a temperature high of 90+F was predicted. When the weather’s hot like this, it’s best go get out early before it gets too hot. Even at 8:00 in the morning at 70F, the sun had a good bite to it. But I can get back to the boat launch before it gets too hot.

The post ‘Harvest’ moon is still high in the sky as I head to the lake.

And the fog still clings to the ground.

The sun is already up and the light is blinding when I set out but it’s a pretty sight looking east from the boat launch. The water is still calm this early in the morning. There’s a light early morning breeze but not enough to disturb the water. The only ripples are from the oars moving the boat through the water.

The sun is lighting up the picnic area (segment 15).

From the neck (between segments 10-12) looking south towards the dam. The large trees silhouetted on the right are on the point at the Fishing Area (segments 12-13).

Until last Fall (2009), a pedestrian bridge spanned the water between the north end of the Wil-A-Way Recreation Center (segment 10) and the Nature Center. It’s just visible in the satellite image. The bridge decking was removed last and the pilings and deck supports were removed during the Winter. Now I can row into this area (segment 10a). This is a new experience.

The new route. This adds more distance to the previous route which ran just along the west side of the bridge. Click to view in Google Maps.

The observation deck on the edge of the lake which is accessed from the Bird Berry Trail. At the moment the upper end of the lake is blocked by rafts of Alligator Weed.

Looking directly west from segment 10a to the point (segment 10-11) and the bridge crossing the road from the park office to the picnic areas. The Old Fort is in the open area at the far left.

View from the neck (segment 10-12) looking back to the Nature Center and dock. The dock on the right is attached to the Wil-A-Way Recreation Center.
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Mike B. said...

Some gorgeous photos in there. Very nice. Looks like a beautiful place.

JSK said...

Thanks Mike. It is a really nice lake - and I had it all to myself except for a kayaker-fisherman who only want about 500m along the lake into an inlet.