Friday, September 17, 2010

Something Different: Back on the Lake

The last time I’d been out on the lake was in mid May. That was the first time since the lake level had been lowered for construction work. Then I twisted my hand and one finger badly while I was putting the boat on the car; I didn’t break the finger but it hurt like anything if it move the wrong way. Then we had a long, hot summer. Most of my row is in the sun and in the middle of summer, particularly when the temperature is in the 90s, it’s dangerous to try and row five miles. So…

The nights are down in the 60s again, so if I go out first thing in the morning, I can get back off the water before it gets too hot. Plus it’s time to take leave before the end of the leave year. Today was my first day out again.

The bridge beside the parking lot where I launch my boat. It’s always a pretty sight. I’m parked off to the right behind the pine trees at the far right.

A fugitive water bike near the end of segment 2. From a distance, I thought it was a fisherman in a boat although the bright yellow was unusual. Then I thought is was someone fishing from a kayak. I was a little irritated that it seemed to move around quite a bit as I was trying to keep track of it; annoying because I’m traveling ‘backwards’ and have to twist my head around to see what I’m heading towards. It’s always nice when other boats stay put or move slowly in a predictable direction. Easier on the neck.

The lake overflow tower (segment 5). I’m always fascinated by this tower. It’s interesting that the lake level hasn’t dropped much this year since it’s been so hot.

Old friends. Originally there were five ducks. At one point, several years ago, they separated into two groups. These two formed one group. I had wondered what had happened to them. I hadn’t seen them all summer. Usually they keep paddle past me at a safe distance. Today, I’d stopped for a drink and they paddled directly towards me. I think they were looking for a handout. I apologized to them – I didn’t have anything to give them. They swam back and forth behind me a few times before they gave up and swam off. Sorry guys - really.

A new fishing dock at the conference center (segment 9), and

A new canoe/pedalboat dock a little further along the shore at the conference center (segment 10).

The bridge at the Fishing Area (segment 12-13). I cross this every time I look for wildflowers along segment 13. There’s a Blackgum (Nyssa sylvatica) tree just to the left of the bridge. It looks dark olive in color. It’s not dark olive. It’s just starting to change color. Several Blackgums are showing signs of changing color – to a rich red.

I laughed when I saw this. A breeze from the southwest had picked up after I passed the waterbike on my way out and had blown it back across the lake to the dock where it should have been moored. In a few more minutes it would be up against the other waterbikes and, unless someone walked out on the dock and looked closely, it would remain loose. Only to repeat the same fugitive voyage again every night?

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