Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hmmm... Should I Or Shouldn't I?

The bird feeders are filled at this time of year. We’ve managed to squirrel-proof them so the squirrels will scrounge for seed that the birds shovel out when they’re feeding.

I almost missed this little fellow. If it hadn’t been for his moving down the tree trunk, I would have missed him. There he was, upside down, trying to decide if he wanted to come down and dash across the 15 feet or so to the feeders.

A closer view. He’s a handsome little fellow.

BTW, he decided not to. I suspect he went back up into trees and took the overhead route along the branches and down to the ground closer to the feeders for a safer passage to the seed.
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Beyond My Garden said...

That squirrel has a thick winter coat. I'm surprised how far a squirrel travels, especially to get to a feeder.

JSK said...

These squirrels have a daily routine traveling through the tree tops down to the creek just below our house. They seem to stay there most of the day and then - you can almost set your watch by them - they come back by the same route they went down.
This winter routine is out of the ordinary but necessary to get the goodies when the natural food source is scarce. They're welcome.