Friday, February 25, 2011

Fort Yargo State Park: Won’t Be Long Now… (Part 1)

The lake level was lowered in late October/early November, 2010. so that the braces on the supports under the pedestrian bridge at Section B could be replaced. It was a little disappointing but did allow for access to the shoreline again.
Maps of the park have been placed in notice boards at various places in the park. This map is at the boat launch at Section B.

Trail: Park Map

Trail: Satellite View (Google maps)

The trails that I followed – on the park map and on a Google satellite image. I followed the hiking trail to point A. From point A, I a followed a trail not marked on the park map to point B where I joined the Monster Mile Bypass and followed this trail down to the dam. I followed the hiking trail back along the lake to point C where I left the trail and walked, almost back to the starting point, along the shoreline.

The water level at the pedestrian bridge on February 20, 2011. Compare this with…

The lake level at approximately the same place on December 19th, 2010.

Hazel Alder (Alnus serrulata) catkins. I’d forgotten that the alders would be flowering now. These were at the south end of the pedestrian bridge.

Looking along the trail just past the pedestrian bridge. The sunlight on this morning was magical, particularly after a number of cloudy days.

The trail climbs the hill to a plateau. The trail surface, which is clay, looks as if it has been polished. The trail leads away from the lake to a right-of-way and then…

The trail enters the woods after crossing and open area. This trail winds its way back down to the lake.
Again the sunlight in the woods was striking.

Looking back along the trail just before it reaches the lake shore again.

At the beginning of the steep climb - from 915 ft to 945 ft above sea level (a.s.l.) – to Point A on the trail. It seems much steeper.

Looking northeast along the trail that leads back down to the lakeshore. The trail drops into an open basin before it begins the serious descent to the lake.

The trail I followed to point B made an initial climb to 962 ft
a.s.l., descended a little to the Tulip Poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera) tree and then curved and climbed to 986 ft a.s.l. to join the Monster Mile Bypass.

Looking down the Monster Mile Bypass trail that leads to the dam.

I almost missed this fern. It’s a grape fern (Botrychium sp.). I know where two grow deeper in the woods and had checked to see if they had emerged yet. Since they hadn’t, I wasn’t expecting to see one in this area.

A closer view of the grape fern. It’s in a well-lighted location. I will be surprised if this fern sporulates.

Next stop, the dam.
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