Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fort Yargo State Park: Won’t Be Long Now… (Part 3)

Not only had I forgotten about the Hazel Alders blooming, I’d also forgotten that other trees would be starting to bloom too.

The Red Maples (Acer rubrum) were setting buds. The trees are showing the red cast they get as they set buds and start to bloom.

This morning, several trees are blooming. These are trees that I photographed last year will set seed. Sweetgums (Liquidambar styraciflua) and Elliott's Blueberry (Vaccinium elliottii) are also setting buds.

Some interesting drift wood. This is large; about 3 feet in length.

This morning, with more drainage into the lake and some rain during the week, the water has risen another 2 to 3 inches. Might not be able to walk the full length of this beach in another week.

One of two large ‘inlets,’ created by erosion from above, that are the reason that the trail doesn’t follow the shoreline along this beach. The trail has to climb up to the ridge and down to the shore again to avoid these inlets.

Off to the right of the inlet, this tree has an inviting hole that I had assumed would provide shelter for small creatures. Or so I thought. When I took a closer look at it this morning, there are three openings into this hole. It wouldn’t provide much shelter.

Some more interesting driftwood. This is a tree trunk that has ‘delaminated’ over time. It looks like the earlywood with its wider elements may have decomposed and the denser latewood has survived as layers of wood.

Remains of a feast. The shells of the small freshwater bivalves are all that remain of a meal had by some of the furry denizens of the park. It’s not unusual to find piles of shells along the shore.

A spider hidden in plain sight on an alder catkin. I was steadying the catkin to photograph it when I realized I wasn’t alone. The spider didn’t move during the several minutes I was photographing.

The University of Georgia Dock to the Point

The Boat Launch and Dock

A couple of photographs, taken on November 7th 2010, of the shoreline near the boat launch at the beginning of my walk.

The shoreline last Monday, February 21 2011.

Fishermen are back on the lake. There were four or five boats out last Monday and again this morning. I won’t have an excuse not to go out soon. I’d rather see another foot of water before I do. I’ve seen the obstacles that would still be just under the surface. I’d rather not bottom out on them.

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Suzi Smith said...

A lovely wander you have taken us on... the catkins start bursting out all of a sudden... much has changed in a few days on branches around here!

JSK said...

Yes, it's changing fast. This morning (3/6/2011), the Tulip Poplars and Sweetgums have buds.