Monday, May 21, 2012

A Gathering Of Butterflies

April 21st, 2012. Just south of GA-83, Starrs Road - the road from GA-83 through the Oconee National Forest into the Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge – jogs to the right before it continues south the NWR. (On Google Maps, the road on the left marked Starr Road is the road; the ‘road’ that looks like it continues directly from GA-83 is a power line right-of-way.) For some reason, butterflies are attracted to this specific section of road. Some gather here in large numbers. This day was no different. We found four different butterflies: an American Lady (Vanessa virginiensis), a Hackberry Emperor (Asterocampa celtis), and many Question Mark (Polygonia interrogationis) and, a new butterfly for me, the American Snout (Libytheana carinenta)

American Lady (Vanessa virginiensis). We saw one American Lady also known as American Painted Lady or Painted Beauty.

Hackberry Emperor (Asterocampa celtis). We don’t see Hackberry Emperors very often – although I’ve seen several this year - so it is always a treat to see this one.

Question Mark (Polygonia interrogationis), wings open. By a rough count there were probably 20 to 30 of these. Of course, the challenge is to get a look at the underside of the wing to see if it’s a…

Question Mark or an Eastern Comma (Polygonia comma). Clearly this one is a Question Mark. And then there was the new kid on the block…

American Snout (Libytheana carinenta)

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Identification resources:

Michael Beohm, West Central Georgia Butterflies:
Polygonia interrogationis (Question Mark)
- Vanessa virginiensis (American Lady)

- Asterocampa celtis (Hackberry Emperor)


- Polygonia interrogationis (Question Mark)
: [Wings open] [Wings closed]
- Vanessa virginiensis (American Lady)
: [Wings open] [Wings closed]
- Asterocampa celtis (Hackberry Emperor)
: [Wings open] [Wings closed]

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