Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Longbract Wild Indigo (Baptisia bracteata)

Longbract Wild Indigo (Baptisia bracteata) is one of three species of Baptisia with white flowers that are found in north Georgia; the other species are White false indigo (Baptisia alba) and the Spiked Wild Indigo (Baptisia albescens). Baptisia bracteata is known by the common names Longbract Wild Indigo and Creamy Wild Indigo. It’s been officially documented in counties in north Georgia. We’ve seen it in Wilkes and Hancock counties.

A small plant by the roadside in Wilkes County. It’s a small, compact bush.

A larger view of the same plant.

The leaves.

The same plant beginning to flower.

A closer view of a cluster of flowers and...

an individual flower

One of the nicest plants we found. We were surveying frogs at the time and came across this bush at about midnight. It was photographed with flash.

Seed pods just beginning to develop.

Seed pods developing on a plant in Hancock County.

A closer view of developing seedpods.

A ripe seed pod. These look ‘armored’ and are rock-hard.

An opened seedpod showing seeds.

Baptisia bracteata
(Longbract Wild Indigo, Creamy Wild Indigo) is native to the United States where it’s found in the eastern United States with the exception of most states northeast of Virginia and Florida. In Georgia, it’s found in counties in the Piedmont. It has been documented officially in Wilkes County but not in Hancock County where we’ve found it.

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Identification resources:

Name that Plant

- Baptisia bracteata
(Creamy Wild Indigo)

- Baptisia albescens
(Narrow-pod White Wild Indigo, Spiked Wild Indigo)

- Baptisia alba
(Thick-pod White Wild Indigo)


University of Norh Carolina Herbarium:

- Baptisia bracteata

- Baptisia albescens

- Baptisia alba

USDA Plants Database

- Baptisia bracteata
(Longbract Wild Indigo)

- Baptisia albescens
(Spiked Wild Indigo)

- Baptisia alba
(White Wild Indigo)

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Kay G. said...

Would either of these wild indigo be at Arabia Mountain? There are some flowers blooming there now, which have yellow and orange flowers on the same plant. (They were blooming at the weekend.)
So many plants, we notice something different every time we go! Did you see our photo of the sparkleberry?

JSK said...

It's possible. I've seen a similar plant by US-78 west of Monroe but have yet to stop and see if it's this species or Baptisia albescens. But these have white (with a creamish) tinge. Some Baptisia species have yellow flowers but I've never seen them.
If you want to post the flowers you saw at Stone Mountain, I'll take a look.
Yes, I did see the Sparkleberry flowers you posted. They're pretty.