Thursday, May 17, 2012

Canada Geese: Goslings On The Go

May 11th, 2012. Continued from here. For my money, Canada Geese are among the best parents in the world. I’ve had a couple of opportunities to observe them moving their goslings from place to place at Fort Yargo State Park. We spotted a pair of geese from the river and decided to go over for a closer look. We weren’t thinking much about them having goslings so we were in for a treat. At the river bank, we were only about 15 feet from them.

The gander was alert but didn’t seem at all perturbed when we got to the river bank. Probably because, even standing in the boat, my head would have been barely above the ledge. The goose was in sight but she wasn’t paying attention to us at all; she was grazing. She was also limping. Another reason for the gander to be watchful.

A gosling with the goose. Within a few seconds, we realized that they had two goslings. The plants were tall enough that we couldn’t see them at all when they were heads down, grazing.

A better view of one of the goslings.

Believe it or not, there are two goslings directly behind the gander.

The goslings were continually on the move.

We watched for a while and then backed out into the river. Then...

the goslings came down the bank and…

into the water where they got a drink and floated near the bank for a few minutes before…

they returned to the shore and…

clambered back up the bank where…

they settled into the grass to nap.

What was interesting about this encounter was that the gander, although watchful, didn’t appear to express any concern about us being at the bank or see us as a danger when the goslings ventured down into the water. He moved a little closer to the edge of the ledge but didn’t make a sound.

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Identification resources:

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology: Branta canadensis (Canada Goose)

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