Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fungi At Dockery Lake

September 1st, 2012. It was the Labor Day (US) holiday weekend so we took the opportunity to make an overnight trip into the Chattahoochee National Forest. Our first stop was a side trip down to Dockery Lake in the Chestatee Wildlife Management Area. We found a variety of fungi at the bottom of the road and then stopped at various places along the road back to the highwayl

Coral fungus. This may be Ramariopsis kunzei. This one was young and still translucent.

An older specimen of the same fungus that has become opaque.

Specimens of the same fungus further back in the woods.

These yellow mushrooms were growing by the road. The caps were slighty slimy.

They were polypores but with pores that looked like a reticulated net rather than round pores

A closer view of the unusual pores on this mushroom

This looks like Ramaria botrytis

A nice bracket fungus; I have to confess that I didn’t check to see if it was gilled or a polypore. It’s unusual to find such fresh specimens.

The Red Chantarelle (Cantharellus cinnabarinus) I believe. The cap is only about 1 inch in diameter

Various stages of a toothed polypore we found in several places beside the road between the lake and the highway. Possibly a Hydnellum species.

An Amanita sp. with a wonderful chocolate color contrasting with the white warts.

Various stages of another toothed polypore, possibly a Sarcodon species

We were a little surprised, but pleased, that we found quite a variety of fungi in this small area. Another area to visit again.
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Identification resources:

Michael Kuo, Mushroom
- Ramaria botrytis
- Cantharellus cinnabarinus
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