Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mushroom: Eastern American Blusher (Amanita amerirubescens)?

September 16th, 2014. I found these beautiful mushrooms in several locations – primarily in grassy areas (mowed) and under a large oak tree - beside the road. I managed to get images of various stages of their development. 

A bud
A bud, with another smaller bud emerging beside it

On the way to being a mushroom
A partially open mushroom with a small bud
A fully opened mushroom with a small bud
A closer view of the mushroom in the previous image. The fallen veil is clearly visible at the base of the stem
An older mushroom. The cap is slightly concave.
 Identification resource:
- Mushroom Expert: Amanita rubescens  
- Alan Cressler: Amanita amerirubescens 
- Alan Cressler: Amanita rubescens

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