Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cotton Harvest Time

November 17th, 2014. Cotton fields are fairly common in southeastern Walton County, Georgia. 

Some cotton fields are very large.

The cotton has to be protected from the boll weevil*. The green container holds an artificial pheromone that attracts the weevils and an insecticide strip that kills the weevils.

The cotton is ready for harvesting again. Crops have been good over the last few years. The cotton is harvested by huge harvesters (see here and here).

A field that has been harvested. There is still quite a bit of cotton left in the field. Sometimes, the cotton is taken to the gin in Bostwick when it is harvested.

At other times, the cotton is stored near the field where it is covered to protect it from being soaked if it rains.

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