Monday, October 1, 2012

Wildflowers: Coopers Creek Wildlife Management Area, Part II

September 1st, 2012. It was the Labor Day (US) holiday weekend so we took the opportunity to make an overnight trip into the Chattahoochee National Forest. After leaving Dockery Lake, we drove further up GA-60 to the Coopers Creek Wildlife Management Area. Coopers Creek Road headed up to a ridge and made its way along the ridge before dropping back down to Cooper Creek and followed it back to GA-60. This road ran through a drier area that presented different wildflowers.

Phlox paniculata (Fall Phlox, Garden Phlox, Summer Phlox, Smooth Phlox)

We found these in many places, particularly on road embankments

Rudbeckia hirta var. hirta (Woodland Black-eyed Susan)
This is my best guess for this flower. Any correction is welcome

The flowers

The leaves

Cantharellus cinnabarinus (Red Chanterelle)
There were clusters of this chanterella beside the road in several places

The cluster

A closer view

Vernonia noveboracensis (New York Ironweed)

This field was full of ironweed plants

Actaea pachypoda (Doll's eyes)
We saw these from time to time

The leaves were still visible but weren’t in very good shape

Rhexia virginica (Virginia Meadowbeauty, Deergrass, Wingstem Meadowbeauty, Handsome Harry)
We found these plants by the roadside in several areas

The flowers

The leaves

Amphicarpa bracteata (Hog Peanut)
This is a vine that was very widespread

The flowers

The leaves. These had folded down; there are three leaves

Lycopodium digitatum (Fan Clubmoss, Running Cedar, Fan Ground-pine, Running Ground Pine, Common Running-pine)
The Fan Clubmoss occurs in many places in the mountains. They are just starting to fruit.


Arnoglossum atriplicifolium (Pale Indian Plantain)
These were common on roadside embankments

The flowers

The leaves

Stenanthium gramineum (Eastern Featherbells, Common Featherbells)
.We saw a few plants but not nearly as many as at Dockery Lake. This area was drier than the Dockery Lake road.

This stem had bent over under the weight of the flowers. See more photographs here

Next: Gentiana decora (Showy Gentian)
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- Actaea pachypoda (Baneberry)

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