Monday, January 26, 2015

Trike Ride To Big Sandy Creek (Cont’d)

January 26th, 2015. After several very gray days, we had three sunny days before descending back into gray, rainy days again. In addition to being sunny, the temperatures rose into the 60s F. Even in winter, I can go for a trike ride when its sunny; often, it can get quite warm in the sun. I rode down to Big Sandy Creek at Adcock Road. 
This ride, approximately 29 miles long, took me from northeast Walton County on Dry Pond, Daniel Cemetery, John Stowe, Macedonia Church, Gratis Roads and south on James Huff Road to cross US-78, then south on Gene Bell Road, then across to Pannell Road and south to Adcock Road where I crossed Big Sandy Creek. The return trip takes me north to Good Hope on Old Monroe-Madison Hwy and Queens Cemetery Road. From there I take Bearden Road and Powers Road to Mount Vernon Road, then Breedlove to Ike Stone and back to Dry Pond Road. The first section of the ride may be found here. This post documents the return trip; Old Monroe-Madison Hwy, and the ride back north. 

Signs of fresh growth. This looks like pasture grass but may be a seed crop given... 

the feed silos behind the field. 

On the opposite side of Adcock Road. A crop. Maybe Canola (Rapeseed; Brassica napus) but time will tell. It will bloom in April-May; a good time to make sure I get back here. 

It’s not unusual to see old farm-related equipment in fields. 

A closer view revealed that it was a feed truck. 

On Queens Cemetery Road, an old feed silo is all that is visible from a pig farm that once operated here. The other buildings have been reclaimed by the woods. 

An old abandoned house a little further along the road. It’s always a little sad to see these houses. I can also remember when this house was occupied. 

Although the cotton harvest has long since been completed, cotton is often stored in the field under tarpaulins until it can be processed at the gin in Bostwick. 

An old barn, 

and cattle near a shed in the next field. 

After negotiating a short section of GA-83 through Good Hope, I take Bearden Road which winds its way down through the woods to…

cross Jacks Creek.

It’s an uphill climb then to the top of Bearden Road where…

some of the locals look at me like I’m from outer space. At least, they don’t turn and gallop away like some horses do.

On to Powers Road where a subdivision languishes, a victim of the housing bust many years ago.

I ride Mt Vernon Road to get back to US-78, and...

once across the highway, take Breedlove and Ike Stone Roads to avoid the heavier traffic on Mt Vernon Road. 

After riding a short distance on Mt Vernon Road, it’s on to Dry Pond Road for the final leg home.

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