Sunday, August 30, 2009

Caterpillar: Rustic Sphinx Moth (Manduca rustica)

This Rustic Sphinx moth caterpillar visited the butterfly bush a couple of weeks ago. Just saw it the one afternoon. Couldn’t find it or a chrysalis the next day. It's a magnificent caterpillar.

Identification resource:
- Bug Guide: Rustic Sphinx Moth (
Manduca rustica) [Moth] [Caterpillar]
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Roberta said...

Lovely capture.

BTW, these are moths that pupate in the soil after a short "wandering phase." That ,ight be why it disappeared.

JSK said...

Thanks Roberta. I'm just getting used to moths pupating in the soil. It probably did head on down. This area had a lot of vegetation so it would have been hard to find.