Monday, August 31, 2009

Rabid Wolf Spider (Rabidosa rabida)

We have a lot of Rabid Wolf spiders at our place. In the woods, in the field and occasionally in the house… A week or so ago, I had to relocate a big one from the bathroom.

For the most part, the smaller spiders are quite shy and quickly scurry for cover. The large ones, by contrast, often stand their ground although, in my experience, they are not aggressive. Recently I encountered a couple of the largest and quite beautiful Rabid Wolf spiders I have seen in the twenty-odd years we have lived here.

Rabid Wolf Spider (Rabidosa rabida) [Female]

This female was under my boat cover. I leave the cover on the ground for a couple of days if I keep the boat on the car. When I put the boat back on its supports an pulled the cover back over it, she was disturbed from her shelter. She sat while I photographed her and left when it became clear that I was going to remove the cover from under her.

Rabid Wolf Spider (Rabidosa rabida) [Male]

Every afternoon when I get home, I park at the end of the drive to check the butterfly bush for insects and spiders. I was making my way back to the car one afternoon when I noticed this male spider bipping his way quite purposefully across the drive towards me. He stopped almost at my feet. Again, he stood his ground but showed no signs of aggression.

Identification resources:
- Bug Guide: Rabid Wolf Spider (Rabidosa rabida) [Female] [Male]

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