Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Little Rain … Then Mushrooms

We've had a little rain during the last week. Not much, but enough to raise the humidity and get some mushrooms growing. I spotted a big, beautiful specimen from the water and decided it was worth the effort to walk a along the lakeside trail to photograph it particularly since this is my favorite section of the park.

The trail…

The immediate locale…

The mushroom…

I'm not certain what it is. It stood about 7-8 inches high. The cap was 8–9 inches in diameter, the size of a small plate. Remnants of a veil were lying on the ground under an identical mushroom a little further down the trail north from the Fishing Area (Segment 12). It is possible that it is an
Amanita sp. If so, it is probably Amanita cinereopannosa.

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