Sunday, May 16, 2010

Zen: Rhododendron On Water

Today was my first day back on the lake since last November. First the weather last Fall was very windy. Then, last December, the level of the water in the lake was lowered more than 8 feet to allow for some construction work. it look until March for the lake bed to be solid enough that the heavy construction equipment could get out on the lake bed to perform the construction work.

The lake was allowed to fill in early April and has taken a month or so to fill completely.
Spring weather this year has not cooperated; it has been very windy. And we’re in a cycle of sunny weeks and weekends that now include threats of thunderstorms. Seems like its always been something.

While the lake level was low, some trees were felled – and most of the bushes along segments 2 and 3 were cut down and laid at the waterline - to provide fish attractors. So this mornings trip included figuring out how to negotiate some sections of shoreline again – something I could do with my eyes shut before these changes.

This Pinxter Azalea (Rhododendron canescens) was one of the bushes cut down at least a month ago. It is flowering.

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Suzi Smith said...

That does seem a zen moment... the colours, the reflections... so perfectly peaceful...

JSK said...

Yes, it was remarkable that this bush that had been cut down at least a month ago, and sitting in the water, bloomed. It was a welcoming sight.