Thursday, June 10, 2010

Annual blue-eyed grass (Sisyrinchium rosulatum)

Sisyrinchium rosulatum is known by the common names, Annual Blue-eyed Grass, or Lawn Blue-eyed Grass). This species is one of several Sisyrinchium species that may be found in Georgia

I’ve seen Sisyrinchium rosulatum at several places in Fort Yargo State Park: on the point in the Fishing Area, in the grass near the Old Fort, and along the roadside to the campground. In each case, I almost stepped on the flowers before I saw them. They are small flowers, about 1/2 inch across, and blend into the background until you’re almost on top of them. I’ve not seen them in Walton County but that could because one would have to walk an area to see them.

Putting the flower size in perspective. The foliage is grass-like, as the name implies so that, so the plant doesn’t stand out against the grass. Don't see it? It's right in the middle of the photo.

A little closer. This is a particularly thick cluster of plants. I found most flowers as individual flowers or clusters of two or three.

Up close. Sisyrinchium rosulatum flowers are purplish rather than blue. This photograph also shows the broad grass-like leaf.

Up close, in profile.

Sisyrinchium rosulatum
(Annual Blue-eyed Grass) is found in the coastal states in the southeastern United States from North Carolina to Texas.

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Distribution Map:

United States Department of Agriculture Plants Database:

- Sisyrinchium rosulatum (Annual blue-eyed grass)

Sisyrinchium mucronatum (Needle-tip blue-eyed-grass)
University of North Carolina Herbarium:

- Sisyrinchium rosulatum
(Annual Blue-eyed Grass, Lawn Blue-eyed Grass)

- Sisyrinchium mucronatum
(Blue-eyed Grass)

Identification resources:
Southeastern Flora:
- Annual blue-eyed grass (Sisyrinchium rosulatum)

Needle-tip blue-eyed-grass (Sisyrinchium mucronatum)
Alabama Plants:

- Sisyrinchium rosulatum

Native & Naturalized Plants of Georgia and the Carolinas:
Sisyrinchium rosulatum (Annual Blue-eyed Grass, Lawn Blue-eyed Grass)

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