Sunday, June 6, 2010

Small’s Ragwort (Packera anonyma)

Packera anonyma is known by the common names Small’s Ragwort. Squaw Weed, Appalachian Ragwort, or Southern Ragwort. Small’s Ragwort is one of the first flowers to provide a lot of color in the Spring.

The leaves appear in January-February

Subsequent leaves are a little longer.

And then delineate into the mature leaf shape.

Plants begin to bud in mid April.

The stems for each flower start to elongate after another week or so.

In another week or so the buds begin to open.

The flowers upon fully within another few days.

An individual plant provides a lot of color.

And a lot of color to the field. (The other flowers are Dandelions and Ox-Eye daisies)

Flowers go to seed.

Packera anonyma
(Small’s Ragwort) is native to the United States. Its range extends from New York-Connecticut to Indiana, Kentucky, Arkansas to Louisiana and south to Florida.

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Distribution Map:

- United States Department of Agriculture Plants Database: Packera anonyma (Small’s Ragwort)

University of North Carolina Herbarium: Packera anonyma

Identification resources:
- Southeastern Flora: Small’s Ragwort (Packera anonyma)

Native & Naturalized Plants of the Carolinas and Georgia: Packera anonyma

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