Friday, June 11, 2010

Needle-tip Blue-eyed-Grass (Sisyrinchium mucronatum)

Sisyrinchium mucronatum is known by the common name Needle-tip Blue-eyed-grass. This species is one of several Sisyrinchium species that may be found in Georgia. The flower petals of this species are of equal width to the tip at which they decrease quite acutely and extend in a needle-like tip. Similar to Sisyrinchium rosulatum, Sisyrinchium mucronatum flowers are approximately 1/2 inch across, and blend into the background until you’re almost on top of them. In contrast to Sisyrinchium rosulatum whose highlight color is purple, Sisyrinchium mucronatum flowers are clearly blue.

In Fort Yargo State Park, I’ve seen Sisyrinchium mucronatum at in an open area and a shaded area midway along segment 13. I’ve seen these flowers at home: in the open by the creek and along the drive as well as in the woods where they grow in complete shade.

Flowers in the grass in an open area midway along segment 13 in Fort Yargo State Park

A little closer

Up close. This photograph shows the needle-tipped shape of the petals and the blue color; compare with Sisyrinchium rosulatum

This photograph is of a flower growing in complete shade. It shows the grass-like leaf and a developing seedpod immediately to the left of the flower.

Sisyrinchium mucronatum
(Needle-tip blue-eyed-grass) is found in the eastern United States and Canada from Saskatchewan to Quebec, but not the maritime provinces, and in an arc from North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and south to Illinois, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana. It is found in all states east of this line with the exception of Indiana, Kentucky and Florida.

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Distribution Map:

United States Department of Agriculture Plants Database:

- Sisyrinchium rosulatum (Annual blue-eyed grass)

Sisyrinchium mucronatum (Needle-tip blue-eyed-grass)
University of North Carolina Herbarium:

- Sisyrinchium mucronatum
(Blue-eyed Grass)

- Sisyrinchium rosulatum
(Annual Blue-eyed Grass, Lawn Blue-eyed Grass)

Identification resources:

Southeastern Flora:

- Needle-tip Blue-eyed-grass (Sisyrinchium mucronatum)

- Annual blue-eyed grass (Sisyrinchium rosulatum)

Alabama Plants: Sisyrinchium rosulatum

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