Monday, July 19, 2010

Corn Gromwell (Buglossoides arvensis)

Buglossoides arvensis is known by the common name Corn Gromwell. It’s one of those plants that is easy to overlook. At the time I saw it in early May, I didn’t realize I hadn’t seen this plant before. Unfortunately, I only took a couple of photographs. The plant is only about 12 inches high; the flower is less than 1/4 inch across.

The flower. It's not fully open.

The stem showing the alternate leaf arrangement.

Buglossoides arvensis
(Corn Gromwell) is native to Europe and Asia. It grows in most states in the United States with the exception of Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. In Canada it grows in most provinces except Alberta and Saskatchewan.
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Distribution Map:

- United States Department of Agriculture Plants Database: Buglossoides arvensis (Corn Gromwell)

University of North Carolina Herbarium: Buglossoides arvensis

Identification resources:

- Southeastern Flora: Corn Gromwell (Buglossoides arvensis)

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