Sunday, July 25, 2010

Roundleaf Greenbrier (Smilax rotundifolia)

There are so many plants that I may have overlooked because the flowers are very small, green and, it seems, the plants have to be a certain age before they bloom. Smilax rotundifolia (Roundleaf Greenbriar) appears to be another one of these plants. I’ve been looking at the plants round our place for many years. Finally, this year, I saw blooms.

Smilax rotundifolia
is known by the common names Roundleaf Greenbrier, Common Greenbrier, Common Catbrier, Bullbrier, or Horsebrier. It’s fairly common in this area. At Fort Yargo State Park it grows along the trail on the right, just past the woods when leaving the bridge from the Section B boat launch (segment 2).

Early in the season, the leaves are not particularly rounded.

By the end of the season the leaves are quite rounded.

A flower cluster – front on.

A flower cluster – from the back.

A flower, up close.

Smilax rotundifolia
(Roundleaf Greenbrier) is native to the eastern United States and Canada.

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Distribution Map:

- United States Department of Agriculture Plants Database: Smilax rotundifolia (Roundleaf Greenbrier)

- University of North Carolina Herbarium: Smilax rotundifolia

Identification resources:
- Southeastern Flora: Roundleaf Greenbrier (Smilax rotundifolia)

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