Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pussytoes (Antennaria plantaginifolia)

Antennaria plantaginifolia is known by the common names Pussytoes, Plantainleaf Pussytoes, and Woman’s Tobacco. So far, I’ve only seen it at Fort Yargo State Park where I saw several plants along the road from park office to the campground and along the trail south from the Fishing Area (segment 13). This is a wildflower that is easy to overlook. The male and female flowers are borne on different plants. I only saw the female (pistillate flowers). My goal next year will be to find the male (staminate) flowers.

I spotted this patch of plants along the road from the park office to the campground.

A closer view of a couple of plants.

The leaves.

Starting to bloom, in profile.

Starting to bloom, from above.

The flowers – female - are developing.

A close up, in profile.

Gone to seed…

Antennaria plantaginifolia
(Pussytoes) occurs in the eastern United States in an area bounded by New England west to Minnesota, south to Louisiana and east to Florida
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Distribution map:

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Identification resources:

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