Friday, October 29, 2010

Fort Yargo State Park: Another Beautiful Morning

Fall color is progressing. Unfortunately the color this year at Fort Yargo State Park isn’t as good as in the last couple of years. Many trees are changing color but dropping leaves quickly. Some faithful trees are putting on their usual color display. One of the great things about Fall color here is that we have a range of colors that make each trip out interesting.

Another view of the bridge by the boat launch (segment 1). The tree to the left is now distinctly yellow-brown compared with last week when the tree, at the far left is just starting to change color. Hopefully all of the trees along this section of the lake will change color

The view from the dam (segment 5) looking back past the lake overflow tower to the beach (segment 14).

Looking towards the dock by the camping area (segment 7). More color than last week.

The observation deck off the Bird Berry Trail (segment 10a).

The lake shore south of the Fishing Area (at the far right). Most of the trees are pines; the accents are deciduous trees (segment 14

The lake shore just north of the bridge midway between the Fishing Area and Picnic Area #1 (segment 13).

A close up of the ‘yellow’ tree (
segment 13).

At the point just below Picnic Area #1 (Segment 13).

The group shelter at Picnic Area #2 (segment 15).

Packed up ready to leave. Not knowing when I’ll return. I noticed the lake level was about 6 inches lower than normal this morning. At the lake overflow, the tell-tale sound of water rushing out of the lake was clear. I check the park website when I got home. They are lowering the lake level by six feet between November and January for some bridge construction. Just when I was planning to spend the Fall and Winter on the lake to make up for not being able to get out over the Summer. Arrrrrrrrgh! But to tell the truth, I enjoyed walking the beach that was exposed last Winter and will enjoy walking it again.
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