Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Boat Launch To The Picnic Area: ‘Low Tide’

After finding that the lake level was lowered, it was time to go back along the shore between the boat launch at Section B to Picnic Area #1 and see what the shoreline looked like at ‘low tide.’

The route...

Looking west from the pedestrian bridge at the boat launch.

Looking east from the pedestrian bridge. The boat launch and dock are in the foreground at the left. A little challenging to launch a boat now…

The UGA rowing dock is also high above water now

Looking back towards the pedestrian bridge. The rowing dock is in the far right at the center of the photo

At the west end of Picnic Area #2. The pontoon boat is at the center of the photo

From the shoreline of Picnic Area #2 looking towards the dock and beach in the distance

A close-up of the dock at the beach from Picnic Area #2

At the dock by the beach looking to the south
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