Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rabun County: Rustic Bridge

September 21st, 2012. The next promising roads after the Coleman River Road and the Tallulah River – Tate City roads were the Popcorn – Plum Orchard roads, still in Rabun County.

Popcorn Road drops quite steeply from US-76 and then climbs quite steeply again. When it drops down into the next valley, the road fords and unnamed creek and curves slightly to the left. The road then winds its way uphill into an area dominated by rhododentrons and crossed several times by small creeks; this area is full of springs. When Popcorn Road met Plum Orchard Road, we continued up Plum Orchard Road.

In these hilly areas, the road often runs along the valley bottom by the creeks. Often, farms with their open fields are located across the creeks from the road. Farmers have to build bridges over the creeks to reach their homes. Most are functional bridges but on Plum Orchards Road we found one that is a true work of art.

The driveway and bridge. The driveway and bridge have rails and supports made from tree trunks. A bench has been built into the bridge over the creek.  The fence in the foreground is a rough-hewn split-rail fence with two vertical posts and the rails dropped into place between them.

A closer view of the bridge and bench

A still closer view of the bridge and bench. The gate to the driveway was locked so it wasn’t possible to get a closer look. It’s clear, however, that the bark wasn’t removed from the supports or rails and that the ends of the exposed upright supports and the ends of the rails were capped to protect them from rot.
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