Monday, October 13, 2014

Tievine (Ipomoea cordatotriloba)

September 22nd, 2014. Tievine, also called Cotton Morning Glory, has been one of my most interesting finds this year. When I first saw it from a distance, I thought it was a color variant of the Small White Morning Glory (I. lacunosa). The plants were at the bottom of a ditch and I was wary of wandering around in the deep grass (Copperhead country). But finally, after the county mowers had been through, I ventured down to be rewarded with close-up views of this pretty morning glory.  So far, I’ve found it blooming at two locations in Walton County. 

The first site was in a ditch beside a hay field.

The second site was a roadside location above a culvert where Common Morning Glory (I. purpurea), Small White Morning Glory (I. lacunosa), and the Small Red Morning Glory (I. coccinea) were also blooming.

The flowers…

An older leaf. Young leaves had wavy edges rather than the more deeply indented older leaves.

Seed pods. I’ve collected some seeds; hope I can get it to grow at home next year.

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