Saturday, December 11, 2010

Putnam County: Rock Hawk Effigy

We were on our way over to the Oconee Wildlife Management Area via Eatonton. We decided to stop by the Oconee National Forest office to get some information before setting off east on GA-16 towards the Oconee WMA.

We happened by the sign to the Rock Hawk Effigy on the highway about 10 miles east of Eatonton and decided to check it out.

It’s late Fall. Most of the trees have lost their leaves and the woods are open.

The effigy is located a short walk along a paved path from the parking lot.

The walk is lined on one side with individual displays ranging from prehistory, the Muscogee (Creek) Indians, De Soto’s exploration, the Revolutionary War, Cracker culture and slavery, the Civil War, post Civil War life and notable authors from Putnam County.

This display shows sketches from various surveys of the effigy.

On the opposite side of the walk, are displays of photographs of trees, snakes, and birds of the area and nest boxes for several birds. This nesting box is for chickadees, titmice, and nuthatches. The boxes show the manufacturer from which they may be purchased.

The effigy covers a large area which is enclosed in a fenced area, but may be viewed from a tower.

The effigy. The area was partially shaded but it was possible to make out the effigy

The approximate outline of the effigy.

We were treated to the last of the Fall color with these brilliant red oak leaves.

As with Scull Shoals, it is worth researching this site before visiting. The website – Rock Hawk Effigy and Trails – describes the information presented in the displays at the site. The displays at the site are excellent and provided a lot of information. We didn’t have time to venture along the trails but will build time into a future visit to explore further

Postscript: Stop by the Oconee National Forest office in Eatonton if you are going through during the week. There are several small, but informative displays that are worth a visit. The office is located on GA-441 just south of the exit to Rock Eagle and office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 - 4:30.

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- Google Map: Rock Hawk Effigy
- Rock Hawk Effigy and Trails


rebecca said...

Huh - at first I saw this and though "Oh, I've been there!", assuming this was the "rock eagle" for which the Rock Eagle 4-H center, also in the Eatonton area, is named. But this doesn't look like that one. Are there two different rock eagle effigies in the same area??

JSK said...

Yes, there are two effigies. Rock Eagle is north of Eatonton - one of the entrances is from GA-441. Rock Hawk is east of Eatonton and is smaller than Rock Eagle.
I haven't been to Rock Eagle for a long time. Guess I'd better go back and get some photos.
I was impressed by the informational displays at Rock Hawk. It's well worth a visit - and allow plenty of time to hike the trails. I plan to do that next time.