Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snow: In The Woods; A Study In Black And White

The weather mavens tell us this is the first White Christmas in the Atlanta area since 1882. It started to snow on Christmas night. Two to three inches has accumulated by this morning. So… the obligatory walk down to the creek and around the field. The photos were taken in color but the skies were dark and most appear to be black and white. Mostly, anyway.

Heading into the woods.

Each summer, I keep forgetting to cut these Chinese Privets (Ligustrum sinense) back. It’s not until it snows that I remember. The branches sag under the weight of the heavy snow and block the path. I can push my way through but end up covered in snow. Ugh.

On the slope above the ledge by the creek.

On the path along the ledge above the creek. This is one of my favorite spots; I photograph this path repeatedly.

The pool in the opening in the woods. It’s barely visible this year; the Chinese Privets bushes have grown compared with the photograph taken early this year.

The woods behind the pool. The pool is to the right of this photograph.

Retracing my steps along the path above the creek. I tried to walk the circuit but the privets had blocked the path completely and I couldn’t get through.

A view of the back path on the ledge above the creek. It's completely blocked at the far end.

Looking back, from the same spot, to the path I had walked. I can see my footprints in the snow.

And back up the hill to the field.
And on to the field… (to be continued)
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