Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow: Fort Yargo State Park

I always want to go up to the lake after it’s snowed. However, there are a few steep hills between us and the lake and I hate to risk it if the roads are slippery. The roads were clear in our area by late morning so we drove up mid-afternoon. It was bold and breezy; skies were generally cloudy although the sun broke through a couple of times.

At the boat launch, Section B

Looking from the parking lot towards the pedestrian bridge and the upper end of the lake (segment 18).

Looking east from the parking lot (segment 17).

Walking out to the middle of the bridge to get a better view. Many others had been here too.

Looking east from the center of the bridge. Compare this view with the one I took on December 19th, 2010.

The north side of the lake above the bridge was in the shade and both trees and ground were covered in snow.

At Picnic Area #1

Looking over to Picnic Area #2 (segment 15) which was deserted.

Looking a little further along the shore to the island (segment 16).

Looking over the docks towards the dam (segment 5) which is also in the shade and covered with snow.

Just before we left Picnic Area #1, the sun peaked through the clouds and brightened the tree trunks near us.

At the Old Fort

Looking from the parking lot east across the lake to the area (segment 10a) near the Nature Center. If the lake was full, I’d be able to row up to the edge of the snow in the center of the view.

The Old Fort. Compare with this photograph taken in January 2010.

The stack-rail fence at the edge of the parking lot and the woven garden fence in the background.

Just before we left the park, the sun peaked through again and highlighted the trees below the fort.

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