Friday, February 12, 2010


All I could see at first was a boat with a shallow hull. They were coming along Segment 6 when I first saw them. Two of them sitting spaced as a rowing pair or sculling double would be. But I didn’t dare believe that’s what they were.

Then they turned and came closer – towards Picnic Area #2 (Segment 15) - and it was clear that they were rowing or sculling – not certain yet. I had just been getting my mojo back to go out and scull only to find that the lake level had been lowered. Now I was envious. They were ‘out there’ and I wasn’t.

I wasn’t sure where they had launched. Had they launched from the boat launch by the campground? Or had they, as I hoped, launched from shore by the UGA boathouse? I took a chance and walked along the shore towards the rowing dock (Segment 17).

Sure enough, they came to the shore in front of the rowing dock. And it was a double! Sculling! These guys had class!

First job was to remove the oars.

Time to lift the shell out of the water.

Then to carry the shell to the boathouse. I was not only envious; I was downright jealous!
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